A website is not a static written document. Website translation needs to be carried out under particular conditions. That’s why I use the same language skills as a translation agency but I do it with sales and referencing terms that are specific to the destination region making sure your site is optimised to generate pertinent traffic and increase conversion.

Both photos on this page are from English speaking countries. One is the pier on Brighton Beach, UK and the other is the pier on Huntingdon Beach, California, USA. Both countries speak the same language but don’t have the same cultural references or way of speaking. It is important to understand this in your website translation and when communicating with your clients



Prices depend on the number of words, the technical level of your site’s vocabulary and the requirement for text integration.

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You need to think carefully before translating your site:

Points to consider before translating your site


Do you have the agreement of the agents and distributors in the country concerned? What do they think? Have you found a solution that makes everyone happy? Is you web site translation strategy clearly defined? Developing and maintaining a site in several languages requires time, work and money. So it’s best if all the decision makers agree and that you have a well-defined strategy.


Why are you translating your web site? Do you want to be visible in other countries or sell there? Is your company properly structured to support this visibility and the extra sales?

Url structure

You need to decide on the structure of your URLs before you start translating. You need to make sure that each language is separate and identified. Country code top level domains, sub-domains sub-folders are the choises. You can find more information on international SEO for translated websites and on the choice of URL structure in that section of this site. 

Site coding and international SEO

There is a list of points to consider and correct if necessary to ensure that your client in another country reads your site in the right language, that Google has understood that it is a translation and to avoid Google penalising you for duplicate content.

See the international SEO page for further information.

Why choose VoxNative for your website translation?

With a BA (hons) in Modern Languages, I am a native English speaker and am also fluent in French. I have worked for and with international companies throughout my career where I translated documents from French into English. More recently I managed the project of translating 5 e-commerce sites into 4 languages, integrating the international SEO dimension, and have completed a year’s course in Website project management and digital marketing. See more in the who is VoxNative section of this site.