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Website translation, international SEO, e-commerce project management and customer service in English and in French, by native speakers.

Website Translation

An experienced e-commerce professional and native speaker translates your site.

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VoxNative structures your international SEO to help you get to the number one spot on Google.

Customer Service

A native speaker looks after your customers in English and in French via e-mail, phone and social media.

Project Management

VoxNative manages your project and acts as a link between your teams, taking cultural differences into account.

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The game has changed. Today in business there are companies that have a strong on line presence, there are those that think they have a strong on line presence, and there are those that are a long way behind. Your customer is no longer local, they are everywhere. They are global. And the detailed information they are looking for on your company has to be up to date and accurate.

Lucy Palmer has worked with some of the most progressive online companies on the planet. I know because I was a part of that work within the Billabong group of brands as well as with the development of Surfstitch in Europe where she had many pivotal key roles. She can help almost any company small to mid size with their online presence in ways they currently may not understand. And increasingly that message needs to be in English as well as French. And the English has to be perfect to the word. Lucy has mother tongue English to back up her online knowledge which is very valuable in a global online marketplace.

Companies today need to import this “new knowledge” into their businesses and do it fast or get left behind. Its not about what you can do today it is what is coming tomorrow. That is why it has changed. And it is not going to stop any time soon.

Derek O'Neill

President, Stokehouse Europe (Vissla, Amuse, D'blanc)

Think Local Act Global

« Think Local Act Global ». Yes, I deliberately wrote it like that! In the context of website localisation, you need to be able to think like somebody who is local to where you are selling so that you can sell globally. The only way to do this is to work with someone who is a native of your target country or region. There are numerous examples of marketing campaigns that went terribly wrong because the local culture or language was not taken into account. The same kind of mistakes can be made when translating a website.