Do you have a current list of your clients names and email addresses? Are you thinking of putting them into a CRM or Customer Relationship Management system?

The most effective way to bring the attention of your products and services to clients is to send them targeted and qualified emails. However emails are only opened and read if your clients are interested in your newsletters. Before sending out an email or newsletter to a group of clients you need to have a list of those clients and their email addresses. Ideally you will also have more information about them such us the last time you spoke and how much they spend on your products. If you have a customer service representative or a customer service department, a CRM is also invaluable, as your customer service rep will have all the necessary information on the client at their fingertips when the client gets in touch. It is also particularly important when your clients speak different languages. There is no point sending an email or newsletter in English to a French client.

If you already have a client list in excel format, that is great, but once you have more than twenty or so clients, it gets complicated to manage them on excel, and this is where CRM software becomes interesting. There are is a lot of CRM software out there, and many of them are free.

Perhaps you don’t have time to create a client list using a CRM system or perhaps you are lost in trying to chose the right system? If so, this is something that VoxNative can set up for you quickly and easily.

A good CRM will not only provide up to date information on your clients, but will also remind you when to contact them again, what they purchased in the past, if they have returned goods, give you all the information about their company, let you write messages about your last appointment and much more.

Here is a list of some of my favorite CRMs for small businesses. The first two are free: